There can only be one explanation for the unsavoury behaviour displayed below.

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Yes – the genealogy pox virus is getting out of control. A recent survey of the most searched-for keywords on the internet concluded that genealogy is the most popular hobby in the world – according to Google robots assessing our every move, of course. I don’t suppose that Google et al have devised a way to tell whether lovers of the great outdoors, or regularly active sportsmen and women, etc, like their pastimes more than bashing away at a computer keyboard.

Regardless, I am not ashamed to admit that the never-ending search to fully understand why I exist, and why I live where I do, and why I am like I am – and more importantly – why I should be so grateful for my comfortable existence – occupies my mind every day.Genealogyitis

Passion and disease are very similar, except that in the latter case the subject wants to get better … and never go back in time. A passionate genealogist wants to get better by travelling back in time in order to understand his or her true self.

A passionate successful genealogist exhibits a warm, empathetic glow as he or she observes the travails of less fortunate souls. This is WISDOM.


Enjoy your illness – if that is what it is.



2 thoughts on “Genealogy-itis

    • Thanks Stephen.
      Genealogists need to smile now and again, and retain a sense of humour. We spend many hours unearthing tales of horrendous circumstances, or unspeakable deaths, or even covered-up disasters on an epic scale. There’s plenty of that sort of stuff on this blog, so I try to balance things with my more humorous findings or thoughts. It’s what I call the Sanity Clause!

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