More Merrill Musings


For the uninitiated (and perhaps even those in the know) “Where’s Merrill?” is a uniquely crafted fact-based mystery thriller which focuses on a real family and real events. In fact, it is two inter-related stories in one novel set in different time-frames, namely the past and the present. The story is about an Irish genealogist called Jed, commissioned by Tim, an American client, to help identify and find his grandfather; a man who simply disappeared. No death record, no burial. Nothing.

The novel is about much more, though. Read the full story, and then come back here for more ….

  1. Where’s [Merrill] the Synopsis?
  2. The Family Tree
  3. Afterword
  4. Missing Persons
  5. A Soundtrack In My Head
  6. The Saintly City
  7. Personal Possessions
  8. The Merrill & Sabrina Love Theme 
  9. In the Dock?
  10. Aunt Edith’s Last Residence
  11. Mini-Merrill
  12. The Hit Man
  13. Book Review
  14. Irish Ancestry Research HQ
  15. Rest In Peace
  16. The evidence?


Where indeed


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9 thoughts on “More Merrill Musings

  1. Hi Eilish,
    Send me a few details about your ancestors, and let’s see if we can track them down. We are probably not closely-related (too much distance between South Sligo and Longford) – but we’re from the same clan! I am always trying to understand the “original” origins of families called Neary in Ireland.
    Happy St Patrick’s Day greetings to you.

    • Gerard, I have managed to research my Neary family back to the 1820’s in Killashee Co.Longford. I was having difficulty tracing them before 1860 but an elderly relative mentioned that she was told by her mother that they were from a Church of Ireland family. I then managed to locate a copy of a census of Protestant residents of Killashee taken in 1847 subsequently updated in 1849 called Speculum Gregis of Killashee which listed the family. I am trying to get back pre 1820 and also following up on other lines after 1847. Neary is not a particularly common name in the area but it is quite common across the Shannon in Roscommon. A number of the family appear in military records but I am interested in tracing one guy called Richard Neary who absconded from service as an apprentice in 1859 in Longford and I cannot trace him after this. Also I have found two Neary brothers from a neighbouring parish in convict records who were transported to Australia for the crime of abduction and listed as whiteboys. Not sure if they are connected to me but I cannot find out who they abducted as it was pre 1838 and local newspapers are not available for this period. An interesting bunch!!!

  2. Your site is really interesting and I look forward to going through reading your posts and book. Is there a way to subscribe to your posts by email? I can’t see one here and I’d like to receive an email notification for new posts. I am now following you in WordPress but not sure if that gives me email notifications.

    • Hi Kerryn,
      Thanks for commenting. By following my WM blog, you should receive e-mails for new posts. I like the old photos on your blog, and how you’ve “remembered” your ancestors. Great stuff.

  3. I now know the last item to ask for on my Christmas list…..Where’s Merrill? My grandmother’ was from Sligo and strangely enough I’m in pursuit of the shadowy figure of her father Terrence Marren, a true black sheep in family lore. Hopefully with your help and the inspiration of Jed I can get to the bottom of his fate. A bleak one possibly.

  4. Hi
    Enjoyed the pictures of Aclare as I have just been there in July after a 43 year absence! I have family in Carns and met some more of the extended family while we were there. They are all from the Ginty and Boland families and I’m sure they are from Cladagh and killasser as well.
    I have been putting some of the family tree together but as I am in Perth Australia and it can be difficult.
    Anyway thanks for a great site will keep visiting .

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