#1 Best-Seller

It took about 9 months to thoroughly research Merrill’s mysterious life, and it has also taken 9 months for the ★★★★★ novel “Where’s Merrill?” to reach the Number One spot in its Historical Thriller category:

2013 Dec - Aus Top Ten


Actually, this very welcome on-line listing comes from Amazon’s Australian store. I never thought that a book about a real-life American Midwest ancestor written by an Irish author would have such appeal Down Under – but I am forever grateful.

I am wondering if this unexpected success has anything to do with the fact that the resurgent Australian cricket team is pummeling the Poms into submission in the current Ashes Test series. Whilst the Aussie men are glued to their TV sets for 8 hours every day, their wives must need some entertaining stimulation of their own – and the Where’s Merrill? genealogical thriller fits the bill.

If so, thank you Sheilas!


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