About Gearóid

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Who’s Gearoid?

Gearóid O’Neary is a genealogist and writer.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Gearóid is a writer, and the nom de plume and the alter-ego of Gerard Neary, the genealogist.

Gearóid would prefer to while away his days writing stories about all manner of things he observes, some daft and some with serious overtones. On the other hand, Gerard gets emotionally engrossed in researching our ancestors, and then compassionately distributes his findings in private. Gearóid gives him a break now and again, usually dragging him off to the village inn to partake in parish gossip, or to put the world to rights in mildly-heated political debates. Both of them have a sense of humour.

Gearóid is a dreamer. Gerard frets about the bills.

INTERVIEW with Gearóid.

12 thoughts on “About Gearóid

  1. Hi there Gearóid,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated, I look forward to seeing more from you,
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Thanks Eddie,
      We both spend some of our spare time stomping around overgrown graveyards. Be careful not to trip up and stumble into a 6 foot deep hole!
      Love your pics. Hauntingly moving – in a nice way.
      Check out Damien Stenson’s night-time photography on my blog, or visit http://www.damienstenson.com
      You should attempt some photos of ruins at dusk or dawn. Perhaps you need permission to light up the night sky. Ask Damien for advice.
      Off to Donegal tomorrow. Have a good weekend yourself.

  2. Hi Gearóid.
    I am from Denmark. Could I ask for a piece of advice? One of my dad`s uncles left Denmark in about 1910 and settled in Port Washington.
    Now I would like to try and find some of his ancestors – distant relatives of mine.
    How would you, with your experience, go about that? I have already been all over ancestry.com

    Best regards


    • Hi Torben,
      Before I answer your query, please could you confirm which Port Washington your great-uncle settled in. There’s one in NY state, and one in Wisconsin. Also please tell me your great-uncle’s full name.

  3. Hi Gearòid.

    Thanks very much for your reply. He went to stay in PW, Long Island New York.

    Could I possibly e-mail you directly?

    Best regards


  4. I’ve enjoyed reading the information you have provided on your family. I found your site using goog images. I’ve been looking for scenes of sligo 1875. Last week I had a major throwback Thursday when a family member mailed me a image of my great-grandmother & great-grandfather (paternal side-Sligo). It spun me for a loop- what an incredible week. I’ll be visiting here again.

  5. Hello Gerald, my grandmother is a Stenson. There were a number of unrelated Stenson families along the Sligo/Mayo border, but there may be a chance we are distant cousins.

    • Hi Peter,
      Yes – there were a lot of Stenson families in the S Sligo region, bordering Mayo. I am trying to piece together who was who. Send me some details about your grandmother and I’ll try to figure out where she fits into the Stenson line-up, and whether we are verifiable distant cousins.
      Thanks for your message. Chat again soon, I hope.

  6. I have her Certificate of Naturalization, and could send it to you via email. My grandmother’s name was Mary Kate Stenson, born in Belaghy, Co. Sligo, 1918. She had seven siblings. Her father’s name was John, and he died in America when she was about 17 years old by being struck by a train. The family ran a grocery store in Charlestown, Mayo.

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